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0003815Composrcorepublic2019-11-14 22:03
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Summary0003815: Switch to WebP consistently for raster images (on hold)
DescriptionWebP now offers better lossless and lossy compression than PNG and JPEG.
As Microsoft have switched to Chromium, the only hold-out browser without WebP support is Safari.

Once Safari has added support, we can put ourselves all-in with WebP for any non-vector images.
Additional InformationOther formats are around which are not supported by browsers:
 - flif (Cloudinary, comparable results to webp so not likely to get much traction
 - jpeg XR (Microsoft, dead like due to politics)
 - jpeg XL (still under development, promising but very early days)
 - pik (Google, seems to be more of a side-project strangely)
 - bpg (like WebP but based off a better video codec)
 - avif/heif (like WebP but based off a better video codec, promising)

There is so much politics and opinion. At the end of the day we only support what browsers can, and are unlikely to do browser-specific transcoding within Composr like Cloudflare or Google Amp might. WebP would provide a decent byte saving.
TagsRoadmap: v12, Type: Performance, Type: Standards compliance
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