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0003826Composrstatspublic2019-11-26 22:08
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToPatrick Schmalstig 
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Summary0003826: Move stats CSV download to a background task
DescriptionCurrently the stats download runs in real-time, but this may timeout, so should be done in a background task.
TagsRoadmap: v11, Type: Performance
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related to 0003955 resolvedChris Graham Move subscriber export code to a task 


Chris Graham

2019-10-18 20:48

administrator   ~0006123

Very large sites are unlikely to use our inbuilt stats system, but rather something like Google Analytics - so it's not a big problem.

Chris Graham

2019-11-26 22:08

administrator   ~0006183

Patrick - look at sources/hooks/systems/tasks to see examples of current task hooks.

Tasks allow items to be queued for execution via Cron, not subject to timeouts, and run in an orderly manner so as to not over-stress the server.

A task is initiated using code like (code from cms_blogs.php)...

            return call_user_func_array__long_task(do_lang('IMPORT_WORDPRESS'), $this->title, 'import_wordpress', array($is_validated, $download_images, $to_own_account, $import_blog_comments, $import_to_blog, $import_wordpress_users));

Where the array is whatever options need to be passed to the task.

By default a task will run immediately. That's fine for testing them.

admin_stats.php is very old code and not ideal in how it is structured. You may choose to move a lot of it out to new functions that can serve data both for the task hook and for the admin_stats module.

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