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Summary0000394: Per-category/per-catalogue custom category fields
DescriptionCurrently content types can have their own custom fields. However there are two areas for improvement:
1) Allowing catalogue categories of different catalogues to have their own distinct sets of fields
2) Allowing different categories within a content type to have their own distinct set of fields

These are the same. We can extend the field specification so that there is an Selectcode to specify what categories the fields apply to. By default (blank) it would apply to all categories of the content type.
Additional InformationFor example, if you wanted all forums under forum ID 3 to have a custom field "External link", you could add an "External link" field to the "Forums" content type and give it an Selectcode of:

If you wanted it to only apply to a forum, 5:

If you wanted it to apply to forums 7 and 8:

It does mean manually typing out Selectcode's, but as an advanced feature used rarely that should not be too much trouble.
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