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0003942Composr alpha testing[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-03-24 02:42
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToSalman 
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Summary0003942: Confirm licensing of data/images/homepage_hero_slider/full/*.jpg files
DescriptionThese files (which I moved, they were previously under uploads/galleries/homepage_hero_slider) are not known to me.
What is the copyright? They cannot be copyleft license, as this is incompatible with our licensing. They likely cannot be attribution-based, unless attribution in our licence.txt file is sufficient.

Also likely should be referenced in licence.txt.
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2020-01-29 13:07

administrator   ~0006332

These images were distributed under the CC0 "no copyright reserved" license when I downloaded them in 2018 from . They changed to a more restrictive custom license[1] in January 2019[2]

Image URLs:


Chris Graham

2020-01-29 18:03

administrator   ~0006334

Ok, please edit the license file to reference where we got them (something we do consistently for ethical and auditing reasons). It doesn't have to be very specific.
And then you can mark this resolved.

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