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0003963Composrcataloguespublic2019-11-26 22:45
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Fixed in Version10.0.29 
Summary0003963: Problem selecting older dates?
DescriptionNot sure specifically what the issues is here, but it seems older dates (2008 for instance) are rejected as invalid. 3rd occurrence of this so thought I would mention.
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2019-11-24 15:26


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older_dates.png (3,210 bytes)

Chris Graham

2019-11-26 21:01

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The defaults are to allow dates +/- 10 years around the current year.

You can add field options like...


I do think there's a UX issue here, I'm thinking about it.


2019-11-26 21:03

administrator   ~0006179

Automated response: Vagueness in documentation for date fields

The default date range is +/- 10 years around the current year. This isn't made explicit.


2019-11-26 21:03

administrator   ~0006180

Fixed in git commit 0f69288a4 ( - link will become active once code pushed to GitLab)

Chris Graham

2019-11-26 21:53

administrator   ~0006181

For v11 the default min is now 0ad and the default max is now 3000ad. If you want years around the current year you can do like min_year=Y-10,max_year=Y+10.


2019-11-26 22:36

administrator   ~0006184

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Pretty sure I used to be able to type any date in a date field, which is to be expected out of the box (in my opinion), but good to know the workarounds ;) I've never had to use them before though even if they existed.

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