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0004173Composr alpha testing[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-03-24 18:55
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToSalman 
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Summary0004173: Ensure SVG sprites are documented
DescriptionAs far as I am aware the need/purpose/use of the admin_svg_sprites module is not documented. Our use of SVG sprite icons needs to be clearly documented, along with any instructions (including developer ones) on how to work with it.
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Chris Graham

2020-03-24 18:55

administrator   ~0006485

What happens if there's a new icon that is not yet compiled? Does it detect somehow to fallback to not using the sprite?

What about non-bundled addons that introduce new icons? Does the sprite need recompiling for each time a new non-bundled addon is installed?

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