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0000436Composrcore_cnspublic2017-11-26 15:08
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Summary0000436: Keep track of IPs at joining (reassign guest hits)
DescriptionRetroactively reassign Guest browsing page hits to a member, when a user becomes a member
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2012-04-17 17:23

reporter   ~0000397

Would this option rely on the initial IP. This might not be that valuable given most of the visitor pool comes from non-dedicated IPs.

Chris Graham

2012-04-17 17:27

administrator   ~0000398



2012-05-03 03:26

reporter   ~0000443

Would it be possible to reassign any posts made as a guest to the new member ID and awarding points based on those posts?

Chris Graham

2012-05-03 10:23

administrator   ~0000444

That would be very dicey indeed. Often thousands of people share the same IP address, or even millions. All kinds of organisations or ISPs or online services involve proxy servers.


2012-05-03 13:16

reporter   ~0000445

I Kind of figured that. Oh well, sometimes even your wand is not powerful enough. ;)

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