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0000486Composr downloadable themes[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-02-07 20:32
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Summary0000486: Update themes to v10
DescriptionThe themes will need upgrading for v10, but due to time we'll need to do this on an ad-hoc basis as customers request themes to be upgraded.
TagsSkills: Graphic design
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Time estimation (hours)200
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related to 0003206 closedSalman Composr Next generation theme (on hold) 


Chris Graham

2013-03-18 23:21

administrator   ~0001304

And ideally, bundle.

Chris Graham

2013-05-20 16:49

administrator   ~0001417

"Have you thought about a more modular approach though? So instead of a full page template, you have modules that you can drop in with set designs. For example a block of text with a header, a 50% width picture with text alongside, a full width picture, 2 pictures side by side, 4 little thumbnails across, etc.
Essentially mini-templates that can be combined on one page (and you can still have full template pages made of pre-combined modules for the user to use as a starting point).
This way the user can build a very professional looking page very quickly (and it stops the 'design challenged' from accidentally going totally nutbar), but still retains flexibility. And the same modules could also apply to the news/blogs, etc.
Hard to explain, but this is a good example:
(I'm referring more to the add your content bit than the actual tmeplate designer.)"

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