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Summary0000546: E-mail designs
DescriptionCurrently e-mails are written in simple Comcode.

Sites like Facebook have excellent e-mail design.
Additional InformationTime worked out roughly as follows:

4 hours design x 20 emails
TagsSkills: Graphic design
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Time estimation (hours)80
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Chris Graham

2016-11-15 19:48

administrator   ~0004550

Here's actually what I think are the 14 most important, either because design care is needed, or because they're common, or because they are early-on in user conversion...

 (in general)
 new reply to your support ticket
 someone added you as a friend
 new comment posted
 your content was liked
 new topic posted
 new private topic opened with you
 topic replied to
 it's a friends birthday
notification digests
newsletter with automatic what's new content
recommend website
lost password reset confirmation
join confirmation

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