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Summary0000710: Add "Create Child Page" button to Wiki+
DescriptionUnder the current Composr functionality, users either have to have the privilege to edit the entire Wiki+ tree structure, or they have to use the linking functionality to create a new page (by editing an existing page and adding a link to a new page).

The first option (full tree control) may be more power than many admins would want to give, while the second option is completely non-obvious to users, and results in unstructured pages that the admin has to go in and structure as appropriate.

I would like to suggest that you add a new privilege to the Wiki+ that will add a new "Create Child Page" button at the bottom of any Wiki+ entry for users with the appropriate privilege level. This is:

1) An obvious way for users to create a new page
2) Allows users to insert a page where they believe it should in the tree structure.
3) Allows site admins to let users easily add new pages without having to give them full access to edit the full Wiki+ tree (and means less maintenance work for admins who only have to move new pages within the tree structure if they feel the users choice was inappropriate).
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has duplicate 0003225 closedChris Graham Add page link on frontend 


Chris Graham

2012-07-29 22:40

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The Wiki+ tree management screen is probably the most old-style pages in Composr. It suffers from 'design by programmer', which we've smoothed over over the years, but it still requires the user to understand a syntax -- good UIs have widgets for this, ideally we shouldn't just have a text box.

So my solution to this would be similar, but slightly different. I'd separate out the ability to extend tree from the ability to edit tree, and I'd redesign the tree management screen so that each child page is a text box. If you have only extend permission, the existing child page text boxes are locked in grey, and you can only add new ones. Adding new ones would be the same UI for adding multiple lines of text we have on other parts of Composr - if you fill one text box in, it gives you another one you can fill, ad-infinitum.

Actually, rather than being just multiple text boxes, it'd probably be some kind of grid, so you can specify what is a reference to an existing page or what is a new page, separately from what the title for that existing/new-page link should be saved as.

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