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0000077Composrcorepublic2019-06-27 20:56
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Summary0000077: Content relationships (e.g. related content)
DescriptionExtend meta keywords to cover more tagging scenarios.

Create a privilege to allow members to add to the tags for some content. Send out staff notifications when this happens so that it can be monitored.

Add 3 new blocks, all of which are intended to by integrated into our default templates, but can also be called up independently anywhere on the site:

1) main_content_tags. Takes a list of tags as a parameter, a list of content types, and an optional content ID. Shows all the tags, and these link through to the search module which then performs a keyword search. If a content ID was passed, and the member has tagging privilege, a UI to add tag(s) is provided.

2) main_related_content. Takes a list of tags as a parameter, and a list of content types. This shows boxes of other content that shares tags and matches the content type(s). The user has the choice to order either by how many tags are shared or by rating or by add date. It works with pagination.

3) main_more_by_submitter. Takes a member ID, and a list of content types. The user has the choice to order by either rating or by add date.

For future we need to add keyword support for:
 - Forum posts (and therefore forum topics, as first post in topic essentially represents the topic)
 - IOTDs
 - Polls
(these don't currently support keywords)
TagsRisk: Database change, Roadmap: Sponsorship, Type: Cross-cutting feature, Type: Tagging
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