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0000130Composrcore_rich_mediapublic2020-03-21 17:09
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Summary0000130: Foolproof content embedding
DescriptionI'd like the block wizard to be able to be able to easily select almost any content type category or entry, and embed it into a page. This would use the main_content block.
 - Make the block wizard be able to browse the whole site-tree to pick out content to use
 - Test every content/category type
TagsRoadmap: Sponsorship, Type: Cross-cutting feature, Type: Usability (major)
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Chris Graham

2011-12-29 11:56

administrator   ~0000290

Last edited: 2012-08-15 19:51

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In addition, I would like to see the rendering model enhanced. The current model of blocks, pages, and scripts, is getting squeezed, as scripts or pages may act as frames, overlays, popups, or AJAX results for direct embedding. We have all the tech we need but it could use tidying up and generalising, so we can flexibilise how we call stuff up and introduce smarter responsivity.

1) Make more Composr screens consist of AJAX blocks, hard-code less into specific modules, make templates glue it together. E.g. on the filedump screen, the actual file dump listing would be a block embedded into the page template. i.e. most of the page code is moved into a block, and the page itself becomes mostly glue.
2) Use the new 'HTML5' 'server sent events' API (if we can) to sent events indicating a block has changed and needs to be refreshed. E.g. upload to filedump, so filedump-file-list anywhere will see event and refresh. Improve Tempcode to make this automatic when $BLOCK is used. The events would be a side-effect of writing to the action log.
3) The get_self_url function should work for non-index scripts so that it is really easy to create links regardless of whether it is a page or a script.
4) Remove the concept of 'wide_high', use a new URL param to decide whether to use 'STYLED_HTML_WRAP' or 'POPUP_HTML_WRAP' or 'HEADER'/'FOOTER' or raw text is output.

EDIT: Ignore the above, there's no real expectations for pages to do live updates for CMS content - and it could cause issues. 3/4 was kind of done in v9.

Patrick Schmalstig

2016-10-13 23:12

administrator   ~0004425

"to be able to be able to"

I didn't know you couldn't be able to be able to :P lol just teasing you about the typo.

Also, in terms of auto updating content, perhaps take one of my implementations on for forum posts and tickets. I replaced the auto load with instead an overlay message that pops up informing the user that the content has changed. That way, the user can choose whether or not to refresh, and if so, can copy their reply text or what have you so it's not lost in the refresh. Perhaps make it a choice/option for use.

Patrick Schmalstig

2016-10-26 01:05

administrator   ~0004478

...I have no idea why I talked about auto-refreshing content on here when this was about content embedding. I must have been drunk that day XD

Chris Graham

2017-06-04 20:36

administrator   ~0005120

Thank you for the sponsorship Rishi :).

Chris Graham

2020-03-21 17:09

administrator   ~0006478

This is now implemented for v11.

Thank you for your sponsorship again Rishi.

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