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0000142Composrcorepublic2015-05-03 23:17
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Summary0000142: Merged sitemap API
DescriptionWe currently have a sitemap API, and a sitetree API, and the splurgh/tree-view code, and the content tree APIs. These are all structural content APIs and should be merged (we also have the content_meta_aware hooks, and also award hooks, but these are more service-orientated although they still can tie into structure).

    * simpler code
    * if the sitemap block uses this merged system we can remove the memory problems, by using the splurgh system for display.
    * we could get rid of the splurgh-powered 'tree' screens for content modules, which hardly get used, and instead make it so the main_sitemap block can be called up to show subtrees of the wider sitemap, as required (more flexible).
    * we can do a better job of menu auto-generation
    * we can get around some design problems with the splurgh system: bad caching model, performance problems due to showing too much at once, requirements for JS [we can now avoid splurgh entirely - see above]
Additional InformationAlso it would be nice if Comcode pages were rendered in a tree from this API, respecting their defined parenting structure (if one has been).
TagsRisk: Core rearchitecting, Risk: Major rearchitecting, Type: Cross-cutting feature
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Chris Graham

2011-06-05 14:54

administrator   ~0000150

Also ID selection for the main_content block should work from the single site tree, when it's developed. So you don't select content-type+ID, you just browse to the content.

Chris Graham

2011-06-11 15:01

administrator   ~0000159

See if we can incorporate breadcrumbs into this, so they are auto-generated by the Site Tree where possible. Also tie in the logic about menu item subordination.

Chris Graham

2012-05-07 17:24

administrator   ~0000447

We don't need to see the term "entry point" anywhere in the UI or documentation. We can just use the term page-link.


2012-05-07 21:25

reporter   ~0000453

Suggest that tracker item 415 also be addressed at the same time.

Chris Graham

2013-04-10 21:12

administrator   ~0001353

This functionality may be built on top of the new Resource-FS.

Chris Graham

2013-04-11 00:28

administrator   ~0001355

Note that we want to make sure that Comcode page hierarchy comes out of this system correctly. Currently the pages come out flat, because they are top-level under a zone.

Chris Graham

2013-08-22 11:18

administrator   ~0001668

We can also likely merge in the do_next_menu hooks as part of the site-tree, (and give site-tree nodes support for icons in the process).

Chris Graham

2013-08-22 14:14

administrator   ~0001670

Also consider if we need to allow different XML sitemaps, per content-type (i.e. to stop the main one getting larger than is allowed, isolating size problems in a specific sitemap).

Chris Graham

2013-08-30 17:25

administrator   ~0001688

Absorb the bookmarks menu into the site-tree also.

Chris Graham

2013-09-07 13:50

administrator   ~0001694

Also features like list_galleries, which are of very limited use, can simply become part of the new site tree.

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