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0000016Composrcore_menuspublic2013-11-19 22:25
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Summary0000016: Fully support menu stitching
DescriptionFor example, making a drop-down menu by stitching other menus, or stitching a dynamic menu onto a node of a custom menu.
Currently it's available via hacking a special coding in via the tooltip field.
This was a short-term fudge to avoid changing such a core database structure.
TagsRisk: Large database change
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child of 0000142 resolvedChris Graham Merged sitemap API 


Chris Graham

2013-06-24 09:51

administrator   ~0001515

We may want to officially make use of this, redesigning Composr to have a single drop-down menu that spans all zones. Also redesign the CSS to be a lot simpler - remove zone menus and top menus, leaving just dropdown, embossed and tree. Place each menu type in it's own CSS file, and use "mix-ins" to avoid repetition (or possibly just copy&paste, if it makes things easier for themers).

For mobiles, it might be best to have a menu button that pulls out a full screen accordion-based navigation. I'm not sure, it needs thought.

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