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0002875Composr documentation[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-02-07 18:31
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Summary0002875: Activity feed hack to render content boxes
DescriptionMake a small documentation *in the forum* on how to "hack" the activity feed to render content boxes relating to each feed item. This is a dirty hack and not meant to be a replacement for the feature suggestion 0002772 (this hack does not acknowledge permissions) nor 0002771 .

It is worth noting that special code is required for this to work... eg. there is no way to determine easily what a content's content_type nor content_id is. Also, very expert page URLs will not work with this due to a bug (unless the bug was fixed. Can't honestly remember).
Additional InformationThis is a placeholder for myself. It is low priority, so I'm adding it here as I'll probably forget about it, given its low priority.

I may or may not actually do this, given how dirty the hack is.
TagsNon-bundled addon: Activities
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Patrick Schmalstig

2016-10-13 02:03

administrator   ~0004417

Level of expertise required for integration: Advanced (because it requires maintaining)
Estimated time to integrate: 10 minutes

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