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0002903Composrcorepublic2019-11-15 20:51
ReporterPatrick SchmalstigAssigned ToSalman 
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Summary0002903: Change detection refresh improvement
DescriptionThe current change detection method utilizes iframes and results in the refresh of the comment / quick reply boxes... hence you added a block for when such elements were activated by the user. The problem with this is obvious. If someone is typing a reply, they'll no longer be able to see if someone makes a post.

Thus, I have two possible solutions for this:
a) Prevent quick reply / comment box from being a part of the iframe that gets refreshed by change detection, and don't stop the refresh when those elements are activated.
b) Instead of using iframe refreshes, show updated content via. AJAX (example... activity feed).
TagsRoadmap: v11, Type: Usability (major)
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Patrick Schmalstig

2016-10-27 21:33

administrator   ~0004489

Drawback with using AJAX method: It becomes complicated if we use change_detection to detect deletions or edits.

Patrick Schmalstig

2016-10-27 21:49

administrator   ~0004491

This could be a personal error on my side. I might have included quick reply / comment box by accident into the internalise_ajax_screen function.

Chris Graham

2016-10-28 14:57

administrator   ~0004496

Not an error of yours, it does work via including the whole Composr page into the iframe.

I agree with 'b'.

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