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0002904Composrcns_forumpublic2016-10-28 14:54
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Summary0002904: Change detection for forum posts
DescriptionImplement change_detection.php for forum posts and comments so that users can see new posts as they are made.

I can commit this myself if accepted. I've already implemented it on
Additional InformationMay also want to implement it on the full editor if possible where the posts display below the editor.
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Chris Graham

2016-10-28 14:53

administrator   ~0004493

I suspect this is more complex than you think to do well enough for mainstream Composr...

1) We would need to have a "has not changed" signal that is extremely efficient, preferably before any database connection is opened. This is how the AJAX checks for notifications and chat messages work, because people will leave things open a long time so the regular checks have to be very fast to process.

2) If pagination is active and you're not on the last page, it shouldn't show new posts (presumably).

3) If threaded view is active we definitely shouldn't refresh the whole topic, so we need to load up individual posts properly, and insert them in the right positions in the tree.

Previously I was also concerned about adding table rows dynamically without making deep assumptions about templates, but with modern browsers this should not be an issue, and we moved to divs anyway.

Chris Graham

2016-10-28 14:54

administrator   ~0004494

Oh, and it needs to be configurable. Many webhosts prohibit polling.

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