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0003288Composrcore_database_driverspublic2019-07-31 19:25
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Summary0003288: Major overhaul of fulltext search support
DescriptionWe can implement support for fulltext search on all database drivers, regardless of whether the database backends support it.

This is doable via an 'inverted index'. Essentially we just do our own word tokenisation and store it in our own table.

An advantage to this is we can then do much more sophisticated metrics to stop slow searches. We could have fields in our inverted index table for all search qualifiers (post time, author, etc), so that we know we can easily only ever be looking at a subset of the index. Currently the problem with MySQL fulltext search is that the index can not be done against search qualifiers, so you get this huge trawl through non-qualified results as it gets to the occasional qualified ones.

If we do this, I see no reason we can't just drop the regular fulltext search support we have. We can do better, so there's no need to do anything native to each database backend.
Additional InformationAlternatively we can also implement more fulltext search support for individual databases.
DB2, Oracle, and Sqlite (with non-default extension), also support fulltext search but we don't implement it.
If we do this we will need to totally overhaul our fulltext search code too because our code currently assumes it works via indexes, which is not a universally valid assumption. Particularly when indexes are deleted, it doesn't even go into the database driver API for that.

I prefer to implement our own fulltext rather than make a complex multi-vendor API, with lots of testing. It'd be a better result for less investment.
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