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Summary0003848: Metaphonic search indexing
DescriptionBy making use of the PHP 'metaphone' function we could allow the search engine to be more tolerant of spelling mistakes.

The metaphone function reduces spelling to a simplified phonetic spelling that captures the broad sound but in a much denser way (i.e. less room for subtle alternatives).

For example, the metaphone() of the word "javascript" returns the string: JFSKRPT.
For example. Composr would return KMPSR and Conposr would return KNPSR. Even if you typed Composer and Conposer the phonetic results are the same as without the 'e' (KMPSR, KNPSR) - a good example of the aforementioned tolerance for mistakes.

To implement this, we'd need to introduce metaphonic indexing, similar to full-search indexing. Search terms would be converted to their metaphone-equivalent, then compared to entries in the index.
Additional InformationThe YouTube video where I discovered this little known/used function @
A tutorial which uses the equally obscure levenshtein function to return the minimum number of modified characters to further enhance results @
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