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Summary0003824: Rep-image and thumbnail refresh
DescriptionCurrently the default is for rep-images to be sized to thumbnail size when you upload them (resize_rep_image function).

This makes little sense for multiple reasons:
1) Rep-image size is not necessarily going to have anything to do with thumbnail size. For example, the image in the corner of a news article box is smaller than thumbnail size.
2) Realistically in the modern day we're going to have to resize content images dynamically for multiple contexts - Open Graph, rep-images in boxes, thumbnail grids, different designs of thumbnail grids, different device types (responsive design).

Likewise, thumbnails may also need to be in different sizes too.

In both situations, we should be sizing images dynamically (with caching) using the Tempcode $THUMBNAIL symbol. This way, it's handled cleanly/flexibly at the template layer.

So I think we should remove any code that is pre-sizing down thumbnails.
The configuration option for thumbnail size should just be a display-layer default, and define the minimum size of thumbnail that may be uploaded.
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Chris Graham

2019-07-03 13:46

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I don't like how post_param_image and resize_rep_image and check_form_field_image are defined in themes2.php, should be images2.php.

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