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0003962Composrcataloguespublic2019-11-26 20:55
ReporterAdamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Fixed in Version10.0.29 
Summary0003962: Undefined function: get_allowed_video_file_types
DescriptionFatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_allowed_video_file_types() in ....htdocs\10.0.28\sources\hooks\systems\fields\video_multi.php:185 Stack trace: #0 ...htdocs\10.0.28\cms\pages\modules\cms_catalogues.php(545): Hook_fields_video_multi->get_field_inputter('Promo Videos', '', Array, '', true, true) 0000001 ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\crud_module.php(886): Module_cms_catalogues->get_form_fields() 0000002 ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\crud_module.php(556): Standard_crud_module->add() 0000003 ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\zones.php(810): Standard_crud_module->run() 0000004 ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\site.php(1234): load_module_page('cms/pages/modul...', 'cms_catalogues', Object(Tempcode)) 0000005 ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\site.php(928): request_page('cms_catalogues', true, 'cms', NULL, false, false, in ...htdocs\10.0.28\sources\hooks\systems\fields\video_multi.php on line 185
Steps To ReproduceThis occurs when trying to add an entry, no issue adding the field. Same problem with video.php
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2019-11-26 20:55

administrator   ~0006176

Automated response: Video field types fail

Video field types will produce an error if an image field type does not precede them.


2019-11-26 20:55

administrator   ~0006177

Fixed in git commit 6b933439b ( - link will become active once code pushed to GitLab)

A hotfix (a TAR of files to upload) have been uploaded to this issue. These files are made to the latest intra-version state (i.e. may roll in earlier fixes too if made to the same files) - so only upload files newer than what you have already. Always take backups of files you are replacing or keep a copy of the manual installer for your version, and only apply fixes you need. These hotfixes are not necessarily reliable or well supported. Not sure how to extract TAR files to your Windows computer? Try 7-zip (

hotfix-3962, 2019-11-26 8pm.tar (25,600 bytes)

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