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0000416Composrcore_abstract_interfacespublic2019-06-27 19:02
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Summary0000416: Mass move / delete
DescriptionAdd feature to be able to mass move/delete entries from the "choose what to edit" screens.

This can be done in multiple phases, which can also be broken down individual per content type. It does not all need doing at once.

PHASE 1: Mass delete initial work [already done]

Support for mass delete is implemented already for:
 - Blog posts on member profile tabs
 - Gallery entries in flow mode
 - Gallery entries on 'choose what to edit' screen
 - Downloads on 'choose what to edit' screen
These use a new framework in the CRUD module code, and some shared templates, so can be rolled out to other things very easily.

PHASE 2: Mass delete further work

Implement on 'choose what to edit' screen for:
 - CPFs
 - Emoticons
 - Multi-moderations
 - Post templates
 - Welcome e-mails
 - Banners
 - Banner types
 - News articles
 - Calendar entries
 - Catalogue entries
 - Catalogue categories
 - Download categories
 - Galleries

PHASE 3: Mass move

Implement mass move on everything we have mass delete for.
Additional InformationNote that an alternative to this functionality is using WebDAV.
TagsRoadmap: v12, Type: Cross-cutting feature, Type: Usability (major)
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Time estimation (hours)10
Sponsorship open


has duplicate 0002743 closedChris Graham Check boxes for list of items in CMS zone to multi-delete, for example 
has duplicate 0002625 closedChris Graham Mass delete default emoticons option 
related to 0001789 non-assigned Consistent "move when delete" for category deletion 
child of 0002804 non-assigned More intuitive edit screens 


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