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You can chat here with other Composr users using your username (Guest), or you can chat from inside your own website using your website name (chat icon in the website footer when logged in as an administrator).

The chat can only be as popular as Composr users make it, as a venue for Composr users to help each other. The Composr developers get income from intense commercial work that (along with Composr development) takes up most of their time and concentration, so are unlikely to be able to spend time in the chat.

If you can't get an answer in the chat (due to lack of expertise here, or if your question is long and complex), it is best to pursue one of the following avenues:

  • Posting in the forum
  • The weekly live chats, which are announced on the forum and across Composr social media
  • Professional support (so you're not relying on volunteers)

Our goal is to make it really easy for Composr users to help each other.

Want to help out by hanging out here longer-term? Set up an IRC client (such as HexChat) to automatically connect to the Freenode ( #composrcms channel.

Questions only get answered if people like you are here to answer them and/or to set an example.


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