Composr demo

The Composr demos allow you to try out Composr before installing on your own hosting.

Personal demo

To set up your personal demo we just need a few details from you:
  • A name for the demo which we'll use in your temporary URL.
  • Your e-mail address (so e-mails on the demo go to you, and so we can keep in contact).
  • A password for you to log in to the demo with.

» Proceed with instant set up of your personal demo.

Please note that because this is a demo system, your demo will only last a few days. Composr is free, but you will need to find a webhost.

Instant (shared) demos


If you'd prefer to avoid entering the details required to set up your own demo you can also use the OpenSourceCMS demo.
Log in with the username admin and the password demo123 †.

If you ever receive an error about a missing page or file, it is probably because the demo is in the process of automatically being reset. Wait a moment and try again.

† This password is subject to change outside our control – if you can't log in, check the Main OpenSourceCMS site for the password.

Official shared demo

We have a second shared demo, populated with example content.

Log in with the username admin and the password demo123.
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