Here we have a summary of Composr's major features: as you'll see, you have many to pick from! You don't need to be a Rocket Surgeon to see why you should use Composr.

Remember that almost every feature in Composr is optional. We hate web software that forces too much on us (and the visitors), so we ensure Composr scales back and customises very well.

Companion information

  • Please also check the following information to help you in your CMS decision:
  • Learn 50 reasons why Composr is different to other CMSs.
  • Learn what Composr is not (this page contains vitally important details to help you plan your project).
  • Learn our vision for Composr, as well as the future of the web.
  • Set up a personal demo. Supply some details and we'll instantly set up your temporary site.
  • We also link to the shared demo below to illustrate all the features (click the blue arrows).

Content types


Think “databases on my website”.

  • Flexible data controlSet up multiple catalogues, each with it's own set of fields. There are 44 kinds of field, such as short text fields, description fields, and date fields.
  • Multiple display modesDisplay the contents of categories using tables, boxes, or lists.
  • Powerful structureEach catalogue contains categories which contain entries. Catalogues can have a tree structure of categories and/or work from an index.
  • Configurable searchingChoose which fields are shown on categories, and which can be used to perform searches (template searches).
  • Entirely customisableFull support for customising catalogue categories and entries, exactly as you want them- field by field.
  • Classified adsEntries can automatically expire and get archived. See view reports.
  • Community interactionAllow users to comment upon and rate entries.
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Periodic content reviewsHelping you ensure ongoing accuracy of your data.

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  • Run a competitionGive members a chance to win.
  • SurveysGather data and find trends.
  • TestsAllow members to take tests.
  • Cheat preventionSettings to prevent cheating.


  • MultimediaSupports images, videos, audio, and more.
  • Personal galleriesAllow your members to create their own galleries.
  • Support for embedding YouTube videosSave on bandwidth.
  • Auto-detection of video length and resolution (most file formats)
  • Full tree-structure support
  • 2 different display modes
  • e-cards
  • Slide-shows
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Mass uploadIncluding metadata support.
  • Optional watermarkingTo guard against thieving swines ;).
  • Geotargetting
  • AdjustmentsAutomatic size and orientation adjustments.

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Think “structured wikis”.

  • Create an encyclopaedic database for your website
  • Use a tree-structure, or traditional cross-linking
  • Track changes
  • Display the tree structure of your whole Wiki+ (normal wiki's can't do that!)
  • Allow users to jump in at random pages
  • Make your pages either wiki-style or topic-style

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  • Behaves like you'd expectDay/week/month/year views.
  • Advanced “recurring event” settings
  • Event reminders
  • Detect conflicting events
  • Microformats support
  • Integrate a calendar month view, or an upcoming events view, onto your design
  • Multiple event types
  • Multiple timezonesHave different events in different timezones, with configurable conversion settings.
  • Sophisticated permissions
  • Priority flagging
  • Programmers can even use the calendar to schedule website cronjobs
  • RSS and Atom supportExport support, but also support for overlaying news feeds onto the calendar.
  • Geotargetting

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Downloads/documents library

  • Clear organisationUses a tree structure for unlimited categorisation.
  • ‘Sell’ downloads using website points
  • Anti-leech protection
  • Community-centredAllow users to comment upon and rate downloads.
  • Many ways to add new filesUpload files. Link-to existing files. Copy existing files using a live URL. Batch import links from existing file stores.
  • Author supportAssign your downloads to authors, so users can find other downloads by the same author.
  • Set licencesMake users agree to a licence before downloading.
  • ImagesShow images along with your downloads (e.g. screen-shots).
  • Basic file versioning support

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News and blogging

  • Member blogsAllow members to have their own blogs
  • RSS and Atom supportExport and import feeds.
  • Trackback supportSend and receive trackbacks.
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Ping support and RSS Cloud support
  • Multiple news categories, and filtering
  • Multiple ways to integrate news into your website
  • Import from RSS feeds
  • Geotargetting

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Web pages

  • Add unlimited pages
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Convenient edit linksStaff see “edit this” links at the bottom of every page.
  • PHP supportUpload your PHP scripts and run them inside Composr (may require adjustments to the script code).
  • Hierarchical page structure
  • Periodic content reviewsHelping you ensure ongoing accuracy of your content.

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General features


  • Quick installerOur self-extractor allows faster uploads and will automatically set permissions.
  • Wizard-based installation
  • Auto-scans for compatibility problems
  • Get your site up and running in just a few minutes
  • Keep your site closed to regular visitors until you're happy to open it
  • Configures serverAutomatically generates a .htaccess file for you.
  • Auto-detection of forum settings for easy integration

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Featured content

  • Random quotesPut random quotes (e.g. testimonials) into your design.
  • Showcase popular contentAutomatically feature links to your most popular downloads and galleries.
  • TagsSet tags for content and display tag clouds.
  • Recent contentAutomatically feature links to your most recent content.
  • Show website statistics to your visitors
  • Random contentFeature random content from your website, specified via a sophisticated filtering language.

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  • Multiple campaignsEach one can specify it's own width-by-height (e.g. skyscraper).
  • Smart bannersIntegrate text-banners into your content via keyword detection.
  • Broad media compatibilityImage banners, flash banners, external banner rotations, and text banners.
  • Determine which banners display most often
  • Run a cross-site banner network
  • Hit-balancing supportA site on a banner network gets as many inbound hits as it provides outbound clicks.
  • Targeted advertisingShow different banners to different usergroups.
  • Track banner performance
  • Use the banner system to display whole sets of sponsor logos
  • Geotargetting

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eCommerce and subscriptions

  • Paid membershipSell access to sections of your website, or offer members privileges.
  • Shopping cart for running an online store
  • Extendable frameworkProgrammers can easily add new product types to sell, or payment gateways.
  • Multiple payment gatewaysAccepts payments via PayPal, or other gateways developers may add (e.g. WorldPay, or CC-Bill), and manual transactions (cash/cheque).
  • Invoicing supportIncluding status tracking and online payment tracking.
  • Basic accounting supportInput your incoming and outgoing transactions to get basic ledger, profit-and-loss, and cashflow charting.
  • Currency conversionsPerform automatic currency conversions within your website pages.

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Search engine

  • Choose what is searchable
  • Boolean and full-text modes
  • Keyword highlighting in results
  • Search boxes to integrate into your website
  • Logging/stats
  • OpenSearch supportAllow users to search from inside their web browser.
  • Results sorting, and filtering by author and date
  • Search within downloadsIncluding support for looking inside archives.

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Support tickets

  • Support ticket systemUsers can view and reply in private tickets to staff.
  • Assign to individual staffIncludes the ability for staff members to “take ownership” of raised issues, and for all staff to discuss.
  • Allow users to e-mail in their tickets and replies
  • Expanded access grantingGrant third party members access to individual tickets.
  • FAQ integrationAutomatically search FAQs before opening a ticket.
  • Multiple ticket typesSet up different kinds of support ticket, with different access levels and fine-grained ticket notification settings.
  • Receive SMS alerts for important tickets
  • Anonymous postingAllow staff to post anonymously so that customers don't always expect the same employee to reply.
  • MergingIf customers open multiple tickets for the same issue you can merge them.
  • ClosingLet customers close tickets that are now resolved, or do it yourself.
  • FilteringFilter the tickets you see by status and ticket type.

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  • Automatically create newsletter issues highlighting your latest content
  • Double opt-inPrevent false sign-ups by asking subscribers to confirm their subscriptions.
  • Host multiple newsletters
  • Flexible mailingsSend out mailings to all members, to different usergroups, or to subscribers of specific newsletters.
  • Welcome e-mailsSend multiple welcome e-mails to new users automatically, on a configurable schedule (Conversr-only).
  • Bounce cleanupAutomatically clean out bounces from your e-mail list.

Forums and members

Enjoy seamless integration with our cutting-edge forum, Conversr — or integrate with your current product.



  • ProfilesBrowse through and search for members, and view member profiles
  • Multiple usergroupsMembers can be in an unlimited number of different usergroups. They can also ‘apply’ to join new ones
  • Social networkingCreate and browse friendships.
  • Custom profile fieldsAllow your members to add extra information which is relevant to your website (or to their subcommunity)
  • Promotion systemMembers can ‘advance the ranks’ by earning points.
  • Private topics between 2 or more membersBetter than the basic personal messages most forum software provides
  • Invitation-only websitesExisting members can invite others
  • Allow members to create and manage a club
  • Over 40 bundled avatarsMember's may also upload or link to their own
  • Member signatures, photos, and personal titles
  • Users onlineSee which members are currently online, unless they logged in as invisible
  • Account pruningFind and delete unused accounts, merge duplicate accounts
  • Members may set privacy settings for individual fields
  • CSV filesImport and export members using CSV files, including support for automatic creation of custom profile fields and usergroups – great for migrating data

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  • The usual stuffCategories, forums, topics, posts, polls
  • Forum and Topic trackingReceive notifications when new posts are made.
  • Password-protected forums
  • Full moderator controlDetermine who may moderate what forums.
  • Report postsWhen users report a post, a topic is created for the staff to discuss it
  • Inline personal postsWhisper to members within a public topic
  • Over 50 bundled emoticonsAlso, support for batch importing new ones
  • Multi-moderationRecord and perform complex routine tasks
  • Announcements
  • Quick reply
  • Post/topic moderation and validation
  • Unlimited sub-forum depth
  • Mass-moderationPerform actions on many posts and topics at once.
  • Post templatesUse your forum as a database for record gathering
  • Post previewRead a topics first post directly from the forum-view.
  • Highlight posts as ‘important’ Your posts will be high as a kite by then.

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Stay on top of things


  • Find posts made since you last visited
  • Remembers your unread postsEven if you frequently change computers
  • Recent activitySee what topics you recently read or posted in
  • Unanswered topicsFind which topics have not yet been answered
  • RSS and Atom support

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Content sharing

  • Show topics on your website
  • Comment integrationNew topics appear in the ‘comments’ forum as you add content to your website. Members can watch these topics so they never miss an addition to your website

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Forum integration

If integrating a third-party product.

  • Support for popular productsSee our download page for a list of supported forums.
  • Share login credentialsLogin with the same usernames/passwords.
  • Share usergroupsControl website access based on someone's usergroup.
  • Emoticon supportThe emoticons on your forum will also be used on your website. Your members will be happy little hobbits.

More social networking

Points system

A virtual economy for your members.

  • So many ways to earn pointsFrom submitting different content to how active they are, you control the economy.
  • Point storeMembers can buy advertising space, temporary privileges, gamble, and more!
  • Gift systemAllows members to reward each other with gift points
  • Leader boardCreate some community competition, by showing a week-by-week who has the most points
  • AuditingSee what gifts have been given to crack down on any abuse.
  • ProfilesBrowse through member points profiles, and see what gifts members have been given.

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Chatrooms and instant messaging

  • Unlimited chatroomsEach with your choice of access restrictions.
  • ModerationModerate messages and ban troublesome users.
  • Integrate shout-boxes into your website
  • Instant messagingMembers may have IM conversations with each other, or in groups.
  • Site-wide IMGive your members the ability to pick up conversations anywhere on your site.
  • Sound effectsMembers may configure their own.
  • Programmers can write their own chat bots
  • Download chatroom logs
  • BlockingChoose to appear offline to certain members.

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Community features

  • User content submissionAllow users to submit to any area of your site. Staff approval is supported
  • Public awardsGive public awards to your choice of “best content”
  • Per-usergroup privilegesGive special members access to extra features, like file storage
  • BookmarksUsers can bookmark their favourite pages to their account
  • Recommend-to-a-friendVisitors can recommend your website to other visitors.
  • Users may review your content (optional)


  • Integrate polls into your websiteGuage visitor opinion.
  • Virtually cheat-proof
  • Community involvementUsers can submit polls, and comment and rate them.
  • Multiple pollsShowcase different polls on different areas of your website.
  • Archive the data from unlimited polls

Design and management

Administration Zone

  • Status overviewUpgrade and task notification from the Admin Zone front page
  • BackupsCreate and schedule full and incremental backups, local or remote
  • AnalyticsWebsite statistics rendered as charts
  • Conflict detectionDetect when two staff are trying to change the same thing at the same time.
  • Examine audit trailsSee exactly who has done what and when
  • CommandrOptional use of a powerful command-line environment (for Unix geeks). Use unix-like tools to explore and manage your database as it if was a filesystem, and perform general maintenance tasks.
  • Aggregate content typesDesign complex content relationships, cloning out large structures in a single operation.
  • Configurable accessRestrict to no/partial/full access based on usergroup.
  • Detect broken URLs
  • Content versioning

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Themeing tools

  • Theme WizardRecolour all your CSS and images in just a few clicks (Composr picks the perfect complementary palette and automatically makes 100's of CSS and image changes)
  • Built-in template and CSS editing tools
  • Quick-start logo wizard
  • Interactive CSS editorQuickly identify what to change and preview.

RAD and testing tools

  • Switch usersMasquerade as any user using your admin login
  • Change theme images inline with just a few clicks
  • Easily find and edit the templates used to construct any screen
  • Error monitoringGet informed by e-mail if errors ever happen on your site.
  • Make inline changes to content titles
  • Easy text changesEasily change the language strings used to build up any screen.
  • Easily diagnose permission configuration problemsLog permission checks, or interactively display them in Firefox.

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Design without barriers

  • Full control of your visionControl hundreds of settings. Strip Composr down. Reshape features as needed.
  • Full templating supportReskin features to look however you want them to.
  • No navigation assumptionsReplace default page and structures as required.
  • No layout assumptionsShift content between templates, totally breaking down any default layout assumptions.
  • Embed content entries of any type on your pages

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Template programming language (Tempcode)

  • Perform computationsRun loops, manipulate logic, numbers, and text.
  • Handy effectsEasily create design effects like “Zebra striping” and tooltips – and much more.
  • Branching and filteringTailor output according to permissions and usergroups, as well as user options such as language selection.
  • Include other templates, blocks, or pages, within a template
  • Create and use standard boxesAvoid having to copy and paste complex segments of XHTML5.
  • Easy web browser sniffingPresent different markup to different web browsers, detect whether JavaScript is enabled, detect bots, and detect PDAs/Smartphones.
  • Randomisation features
  • Pull up member details with easeFor example, show the current users avatar or point count.
  • Easily pull different banner rotations into your templates

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Rich media

  • ComcodePowerful but simple content-enrichment language.
  • Media embeddingEasily integrate/attach all common video and image formats, as well as embeds for common sites such as YouTube and Google Maps (just by pasting in the URL).
  • Easily create cool effectsCreate scrolling, rolling, randomisation, and hiding effects. Put content in boxes, split content across subpages. Create XHTML5 overlays. Place tooltips.
  • Customise your content for different usergroups
  • Create count-downs and hit counters
  • Automatic table of contents creation for your documents
  • Custom Comcode tagsSet up your own tags, to make it easy to maintain a sophisticated and consistent design as your site grows
  • Embed pages within other pages


Spam protection and Moderation

  • Configurable swear filtering
  • IP address analysisAudit, check, and ban
  • Integrate with known-spammer blacklistsMultiple configurable levels of enforcement.
  • Honeypots and blackholesFind and ban bots via automated traps.
  • HeuristicsClever ways to detect and block spammers based on behaviour.
  • Published e-mail addresses will be protected from spammers
  • Protection from spammers trying to use your website for their own SEO

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Localisation support

  • Translate Composr into your own language
  • Translate content into multiple languages
  • Custom time and date formatting
  • Language packsDownload new language packs as users post them; host multiple languages on your website at the same time.
  • Timezone supportMembers may choose their own timezones.
  • Support for different character sets, and Unicode
  • Serve different theme images for different languages
  • Support for right-to-left languages

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  • SSL/HTTPS supportMake pages of your choice run over TLS (e.g. the join and payment pages).
  • Automatic detection and banning of hackers
  • Punishment systemWarnings, probation, and silencing of members from forums/topics
  • 2-factor-authenticationE-mail based 2-factor-authentication security when unrecognised IP addresses are used with staff groups
    (optional, Conversr-only).
  • Password strength checksEnforce minimum password strengths (Conversr-only).
  • Architectural approaches to combat all major exploit techniques
  • Defence-in-depthMultiple layers of built-in security.
  • XSS protectionDeveloped using unique technology to auto-detect XSS security holes before the software gets even released.
  • Encrypted custom profile fieldsOnce set the CPF can't be read unless a key password is entered (Conversr-only, requires OpenSSL).
  • Track failed logins
  • HTML filtering
  • Protection against CSRF attacksYou can temporarily ‘Concede’ your admin access for added protection.
  • Root-kit detection kit for developers

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  • Highly optimised code
  • Support for CDNs
  • Multiple levels of caching
  • Sophisticated template compiler
  • Self-learning optimisation system

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  • Support for short URLsAlso textual monikers instead of numeric IDs.
  • Automatic site-map generationBoth XML Sitemaps and sitemaps for users.
  • MetadataMeta descriptions and keywords for all content. Auto-summarisation.
  • Keyword density analysis for your content
  • Correct use of HTTP status codes
  • Content-contextualised page titles
  • SEO via semantic and accessible markup (e.g. ‘alt tags”)

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Web standards

  • Responsive design and hi-dpi images
  • True and correct XHTML5 markup
  • WCAG, ATAGMeeting of accessibility guidelines in full.
  • Tableless CSS markup, with no hacks
  • Support for all major web browsers
  • Inbuilt tools for checking webstandards conformance of XHTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Extra markup semanticsIncluding Dublin Core support, schema.org, Open Graph, and microformats.
  • Standards-based (modern DOM and AJAX, no DOM-0 or innerHTML) JavaScript
  • Automatic cleanup of bad XHTML5HTML outside your control (e.g. from RSS) will be cleaned up for you.

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Ease of use

  • Professionally designed user interfaces
  • AJAX techniquesStreamlined website interaction.
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • TutorialsOver 200 written tutorials, and a growing collection of video tutorials.
  • Displays great on mobilesMobile browsers can be automatically detected, or the user can select the mobile version from the footer. All public website features work great on QVGA or higher.
  • A consistent and fully integrated feature-setBreadcrumb navigation, previews, and many other features we didn't have space to mention here – are all present right across Composr.



Use Composr for clients and pretend you made it.


  • Detailed privilege controlOver 180 permissions.
  • Control access to all your resources
  • User-friendly permissions editor
  • Create addition access controls based on URL
  • Customise your permission error messages

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Structure and navigation

  • Visually browse your site structureIntuitive sitemap editor
  • Menu editorOur user friendly editor can work with 7 different kinds of menu design (drop-downs, tree menus, pop-ups, etc)
  • Zones (sub-sites)Organise your pages into separate zones. Zones can have different menus, themes, permissions, and content
  • Full structural controlEdit, move, and delete existing pages.
  • RedirectsSet up redirects if you move pages, or if you want pages to appear in more than one zone

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Integration and conversion

  • Convert from other softwareSee our importing tutorial for a list of importers.
  • Use an existing member systemSee our download page for a list of forum drivers.
  • Convert an HTML site into Composr pages
  • LDAP support for corporate networks (Conversr)
  • HTTP authenticationTie into an existing HTTP authentication-based login system (Conversr).
  • Proxying systemProgrammers can integrate any existing scripts using our sophisticated proxying system (which includes full cookie support).
  • Minimodules and miniblocksProgrammers can port existing PHP code into Composr itself

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Extendable and programmable

  • VersatileYou can strip down to a core system, or build up with 3rd-party addons
  • Full API documentation
  • High coding standardsNo PHP notices. Type-strict codebase. We use MVC.
  • Free online developer's guide book
  • Custom field filtersFor example, restrict news posts to a minimum length.
  • Stack traces for easy debugging
  • Synchronise data between staging and live sites using Resource-fs

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