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How is Composr developed?

Composr is a community project, with ocProducts Ltd ensuring a balanced quality product is delivered for free to all users. Most core developers work directly for ocProducts Ltd, which was founded out of passion for the project goals and for Open Source, but external contributors are just as welcome.

Development generally moves forward by incorporating advancements made for commercial Composr projects, and features directly sponsored. ocProducts generally spends more time on client work than is directly funded, in order to implement things in a reusable way so that everyone benefits – and each new client benefits from all the work done before.

Before you make requests, it's a good idea to check they aren't already made, and that you are only posting something generic enough to be useful for 15% of users or higher. Be aware that money may be needed in some cases to get traction on things (looks at the stats below to see how much has already been contributed, but why the developers do need to get most future development funded). Ideas are always extremely welcome regardless, even if only for inspiration or to help us all see the path ahead.

The story so far

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(The figures to the left are calculated by Ohloh and represent normal costs from programmers with only average skillz. In most cases we've been smart enough to get things done on more cromulent figures.)

Where do the cost estimates come from?

Expand: If you don't mind some maths, we're happy to reveal the exact costings If you don't mind some maths, we're happy to reveal the exact costings

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