Show the top performing members in a community. The addon adds a main_stars block that ranks members on how many points they have been given in a certain category (also it changes the points module to allow selection of such categories when giving points). It also adds a block to show recent points transfers. Finally, it adds a line to member's profile screens that says how many topics they have created, and how many they have replied to, to give a reflection of whether they help more than they ask or vice-versa.



[block max="10"]side_recent_points[/block]


[block="Helpful soul"]main_stars[/block]
The POINTS_GIVE (themes/default/templates_custom) template contains hard-coded HTML that defines each kind of points category that can be used. It is likely you will want to put out one an instance of the main_stars block for each category (using the syntax demonstrated above).

System Requirements / Dependencies

JavaScript enabled, points


Licensed on the same terms as Composr


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