A customisable slider for displaying custom HTML or media.

The addon contains a new block, main_unslider. The block is based on the Unslider jQuery plugin. It includes a number of slides and lets you move between them, either on a timer or manually. The contents of each slide is sourced from a specially-named Composr page.

Here is an example of the block Comcode:


[block pages='slide1,slide2,slide3,slide4,slide5,slide6' width='100%' height='350px' buttons='1' delay='3000' speed='500' keypresses='0']main_unslider[/block]

The pages parameter refers to suffixes on a standard naming scheme. slide1 is the page _unslider_slide1.

These six example slides/pages are bundled with the addon. 1-4 use background images and simple Comcode, 5 uses a YouTube video (but any video code should work), 6 uses an image. You will see that the image and video are auto-sized to fit the slider perfectly (taking precedence over the normal size of the video).

If the delay is set to blank or 0, it will disable automatic (timed) transition between slides. You may wish to do this if you include a video slide, although if the user hovers the mouse over the slider it will block automatic transitions also.


WTFPL License

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