Classified Ads

Set up price scales for placing entries ('classified adverts') in catalogues.

The scales allow you to define discounts to customers buying longer listing periods. You can set up a free period if you wish to.

Customers are given a control panel (the classifieds module) that shows their listings and allows renewal.

Notifications are sent the day before an advert expires.

Fully integrated with catalogues, eCommerce, and Conversr member accounts.

The basic process for setting up this addon is:
  1. Create a catalogue for the adverts (Content Management > Catalogues > Add Catalogue)
  2. Set the fields for the catalogue as appropriate
  3. Set the permissions to 'Add/Post/Submit entries' (i.e. not unvetted, not bypassing validation)
  4. Add whatever categories you want to your catalogue
  5. Go to Admin Zone > Setup > Classifieds pricing
  6. Set prices up against your catalogue
  7. Make sure your catalogue is on your menus

Users will find add links when browsing the catalogue. Their entries will be added as non-validated. From their classifieds module they may then pay for their classified advert to go live (this uses the eCommerce module, validating the entry upon payment).

System Requirements / Dependencies

Conversr, catalogues, ecommerce


Licensed on the same terms as Composr

Additional credits/attributions

Icon by Andrey Kem


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