Play tricks on your website members. After installing the addon you can add a number of practical jokes to one or more usergroups using their ID number which can be found under Security > User groups > Edit Usergroups.

The jokes you can play are:
  • String Changes – Change some words or spellings to others
  • Emoticon Magnet – Make the emoticons follow the cursor around the screen
  • Name Changer – Apply a name changer for users within a usergroup
  • Avatar switch – Make it appear to them that everyone is using their avatar and they don't have one
  • 1337 speech changer – Make the post appear to have been written in 1337 speech to members of that user group
  • Piglatin – Make the post appear to have been written in Piglatin to members of that user group.

System Requirements / Dependencies



Licensed on the same terms as Composr

Additional credits/attributions

Martyr2 (for piglatin)


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