This theme has been highly customised for g4manic. I have decided to make it available to our registered members.

Some of the key features are:
  • Custom forum look
  • Downloads look
  • Front page news summaries
  • Fixed width 1025px (NO fluid support)
  • Top bar containing rss, newsletter and twitter links.
  • Custom main menu
  • Small tweaks on the main article page.
  • Small tweaks over entire cms.
Fixed Width
Home→ Admin Zone→ Setup→ Configuration→ Theme options
General -> Fixed width selected

Front Page News Fader
The fader uses thumbnails by defailt, so you will need to adjust you thumbnail width. Also ensure the pics you use are LARGER so they can be scaled down, the are NOT enlarged.

Uploaded dimensions of rep image to be no smaller than: 685px X 385px

Home→ Admin Zone→ Setup→ Configuration→ Feature options
Media -> Thumbnail width = 685px

However. If you wish to keep thumbnails small for your articles, but have larger images for the news fader, do the following:

Execute this command in commander:

uploaded rep-images will not be sized down automatically to the standard thumbnail size.

Top bar containing rss, newsletter and twitter links.
To change the links to suit do the following.

Open  G4/templates_custom/GLOBAL_HTML_WRAP.tpl

Change the links in line 16, 17 and 18 to suit your needs.

If there is anything I have missed please ask via the support forum per G4 link on the right.


Additional information

Changelog 01072017-0107

Fixed the forum mobile view
Fixed youtube mobile view
New to top button.
Fixed navbar.
The points image in the navbar should now be included.....should
Lots of other tweaks.
Changelog 2.2

Tidied up some templates.
Fixed navigation, non mobile only.
Changelog 2.1

Minor changes and css corrections.
Image dimension changes for downloads area, so they are not stretched.


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