Twitter Support

Syndicate site activities to Twitter.

Activity can be syndicated:
  1. On a site level, for any news or calendar events added by the staff
  2. By individual users to their own Twitter accounts (if they have authorised this via the activity tab in their profile)

Set up is a little tricky:
  1. you need to set up an application on Twitter
  2. you need to configure Composr to use the Twitter API via Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Composr APIs > Twitter syndication
  3. you need to authorise the site via Admin Zone > Setup > Twitter syndication

Once configured then syndication will be an option when adding news posts or calendar events, and will happen automatically for any users who have set up their own authorisation.

System Requirements / Dependencies

PHP CuRL extension


Licensed on the same terms as Composr

Additional credits/attributions

Icon by leslienayibe
Class by Tijs Verkoyen


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