CPU Temperature displayed in Admin area


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requires TLP


Just was worried recently as my server is running hot so I researched, found and installed TLP which is supposed to keep an eye on it and help cool things…

TLP info: linrunner.de: TLP - Linux Advanced Power Management
TLP install: linrunner.de: TLP - Linux Advanced Power Management

For fun I made a quick miniblock for composr.

in sources_custom/miniblocks create a file called cputemp.php


$output = array();
$command = 'tlp-stat -t';
exec($command, $output);
$output =  implode($output);
$output = str_replace('— TLP 1.1 ——————————————–+++ Temperatures',"",$output);
$output = str_replace('[°C]',"°C<BR>",$output);
$output = str_replace('Fan speed',"",$output);
$output = str_replace('= (not available)',"",$output);
echo  $output ;

now edit your admin area page and add the new cputemp miniblock and you should see the CPU temp displayed.


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