apache access DENY vs REQUIRE NOT IP


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fix & infos


right now the composr system works with the apache2 webserver but if you upgrade to apache2.4+ you will need to also use the "access_compat" module as some of apache language has changed.

I am using the "apache ultimate bad bot blocker"

I am using the new version of the bad bot blocker which uses the new apache language, and "access_compat" is not used…. so to fix…

copy /sources/failure.php to /sources_custom/failure.php

edit  /sources_custom/failure.php

find the function add_ip_ban around line 754 or so.
replace the 'deny '  with 'Require not ip '  in 4 locations.

find the  function remove_ip_ban
replace the 'deny '  with 'Require not ip '  in 2 locations.

edit your /.htaccess
towards the very bottom change so it looks something like this:


Require all granted
# IP bans go here (leave this comment here! If this file is writeable, Composr will write in IP bans below, in sync with its own DB-based banning - this makes DOS/hack attack prevention stronger)
# Require not ip xxx.xx.x.x (leave this comment here!)
Require not ip


reload your website to make sure the .htaccess is OK
I have not tested the failure.php but assume that bit will work.

NOTE:  check other .htaccess files in other directories and update if needed


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Thanks, that was a big help. I had no idea that Apache had changed this, I guess having the compat module installed is extremely common. Especially important as Apache 2.2 is no longer maintained.

Fixed in Support for ip bans in Apache 2.4 without compat module · ocproducts/composr@579e45b · GitHub

I don't love the fix I've done (duplicating the IP blocks unless people strip out the compat code from their .htaccess), but I don't think we can drop Apache 2.2 in v10. I'll make an issue for v11.

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