How does the task queue work?


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Hi, I've been having issues with having my ip blocked my my isp for the past few months. Well a couple of weeks ago while digging through configuration I ran across the task queue in Performance options. I turned it on and quit having the blocked ip issue. Today I turn it back off, and when in a few mintues of working on my site, boom … ip was blocked again. Ok, so first of all, how does the task queue work and secondly does it makes since that would be causing my blocked ip issues?
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Please clarify what do you mean exactly by the ISP blocking your IP. Do you mean your internet provider cut your connection, your webhost turned off the site, or your machine was blocked from accessing your own site?

The task queue shouldn't have any positive or negative impacts on blocking. It just means long-running server tasks such as exporting data happen via background CRON, rather than immediately.

I suppose it's conceivable a webhost could block you for calling long-running web requests, but I've never heard of anything like that for an occasional admin action.

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