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Peeps, hello!

There was an icon set created for Composr that I saw some perhaps early version of. Is that still being worked on, and what's the possibility of using it? And if it's still around and ready, is it sort of drag and drop such that the file hierarchy matches Composr's or is it not so drag and drop ready? What's happening with that project?

My site has over 1000 members now. Joined today: 13. Posts today: 31. It's been running Composr for only a handful of months.
I think it's good progress. I have added some minimodules to it, and added a few things to a few css files. I also added some patches a few months ago to fix a few things. It's running very well right now, but I'm starting to think I'd like to do a fresh reinstall with the next minor version of Composr that comes out, just so that I know 100% the code is clean, and the css is clean, etc. I also added the Composr icon at the bottom of the right sidebar, and a link to Composr. I'm not saying my site is worthy of being an example of Composr's power, but in a way, it is an example of what a semi-amateur can do with Composr. For this reason as well, I'd like to clean it up with new icons. I know you've got a lot going on Chris, but I wonder if there's someone you know that knows Composr inside and out, that would be interested in standing on the sidelines when I do the fresh reinstall of the next minor version of Composr to clear out any bugs I created or that existed anywhere in hiding. I'm talking about someone that knows ftp and ssh and cpanel access like the back of their hand, just in case I break something and I can't figure out what I broke (not likely, but it could happen, and with 1000 members, I can't take any chances). I work at a convenience store, so I don't have much of an income, but I'd definitely compensate them as best I could.

Any advice/suggestions helpful. Also, if there's other Composr sites out there, I'd love to see a new list from you folks.

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My guess is you were seeing the new icons we did for v11 and showed. They're all SVG, and filenames have changed a lot, it's probably not worth the effort trying to make that work on v10, they'd either all need converting to PNG, or SVG icon support would need adding (not as simple as it sounds because SVG files have no specific width/height).

If you want to make sure your site is not running unofficial code the integrity checker in the upgrader will do that for you. OTTOMH it will list modified files and overridden files that could have become outdated. It should be fairly straight-forward to load up. We'll be putting out a new patch release soon, so upgrading to that as a start should get everything that was previously a hotfix official and stop anything showing up the integrity checker about it.

I definitely would not recommend trying to replace everything with the newest files. If done in the most obvious way (extracting all the files from the newest manual installer) this is likely to cause many problems, as there will be files from bundled addons you uninstalled that will try and run without their database tables being present anymore. This is a common mistake, we get so many automated error reports from people who have done this kind of thing without realising the consequences.

Thanks for the link back, I/we appreciate it :). Congratulations on your success!

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