Protecting the data directory with .htaccess?


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google console is complaining about Server error (5xx)


Received a "New Coverage issue detected for site"  warning email from google search console. Apparently they are scanning my directory and getting some 5xx type errors….. 

For example:

google is complaining about the data/notifications.php….  Would you recommend we add to the disallow list on the robots.txt file?

The robots.txt does not specifically block the /data/ folder (I dont think):

the .htaccess file in the /data/ folder is empty

Thanks for your thoughts


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Our approach is to put out X-Robots-Tag headers, or <meta> declarations, telling search engines if they should not be indexing something. That way people don't need to worry about robots.txt for anything inbuilt to Composr.

In this particular case if a required parameter is missing for notifications.php it doesn't get to the point of putting out that header.
Fixed in:
Allow No-Robots header to work even on corrupt notification URL · ocproducts/composr@8f939dd · GitHub

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