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Instead of using the FRACTIONAL_EDITABLE tempcode variable to initiate a Fractional Edit, how, if at all possible, can I just use fractional_edit() with 'onclick' to complete the changes?

For example. As of right now, I'm using FRACTIONAL_EDITABLE to make changes to a CPF. The user must select an option from a dropdown menu (which is generated using $SET and grabs all possible CPF field values).

What I'm trying to accomplish is allowing the user to click on an image which will populate the new CPF value, instead of requiring them to select an option from a dropdown menu.

FRACTIONAL_EDIT.tpl uses fractional_edit() inside an A tag, using the onclick method.


onclick="fractional_edit(event,this.previousSibling.previousSibling,'{URL;*}','{EDIT_TEXT;^*}','{EDIT_PARAM_NAME;*}',arguments[1],null{+START,IF_NON_EMPTY,{$GET;,edit_type}},'{$GET;,edit_type}'{+END}); return false;"

How can I manipulate this for use on an IMG tag using specific values? i.e.:


onclick="fractional_edit(event,this.previousSibling.previousSibling,'{$PAGE_LINK,_SEARCH:members:view:($MEMBER}}','NEW VALUE HERE MAYBE?','WHAT GOES HERE?',arguments[1],null{+START,IF_NON_EMPTY,{$GET;,edit_type}},'{$GET;,edit_type}'{+END}); return false;"

I've tried changing bits of that to get it to work, with no such luck. I don't imagine I'd need that IF statement in there either, since it would be using a specific value to set the new CPF value.
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It would take me too long to answer this, but what I will say is I would advise trying to make changes to FRACTIONAL_EDIT.tpl itself. You could try using Tempcode SET/GET to transfer some information into this this template from another. Or you could try and use whatever parameters FRACTIONAL_EDIT gets to define the interface.

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