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Except for changing some of the underlying code, I can't see how to make a landing page.

A landing page should show information to Guests. But when the Guest logs in and is no longer a Guest, the page should move into the site zone. A redirect will redirect regardless of the login state, so that won't work. That leaves if-guest-then display landing page code, and the opposit if-not-guest-then $PAGE_LOAD site,start which works, but it seems kind of hackish. The site setting called single-public-zone does help, but after login, you're still sitting in the welcome zone, not the site zone.

I'm thinking this is going to require finding the code that logs people in and editing that to direct to the site zone.

If I'm missing something, do tell ;)

*** UPDATE ***

Solved. Here's how you can have a full page landing page for anyone not logged in, and when they do login, they are taken to the site zone with a unique panel_right that is not used in any other site zone page…

For the welcome zone start page:


{+START,IF,{$IS_GUEST}}<br />     Hello, Guest!<br />{+END}<br /><br />{+START,IF,{$NOT,{$IS_GUEST}}<br />     {$LOAD_PAGE,start,site}<br />{+END}<br />
For the welcome zone panel_right page:


{+START,IF,{$NOT,{$IS_GUEST}}<br />     {$LOAD_PAGE,panel_right,site}<br />{+END}
And then on site:start, create a page that will be seen after login
And on site:panel_right, do this:


{+START,IF,{$EQ,{$PAGE},start}<br />     add panel_right code to be seen after login<br />{+END}

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