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Full disclosure: there was recently a website that has been super-duper-significant for literally 20 years. It closed its doors last week. Nothing could replace it, but I'll try to step in where it left off. It was similar to YouTube shutting down…it was THAT big (for this content type)

They had a feature that allowed folks to add Events so that others could attend. Events like Ceremonies, Gatherings, Celebrations, and whatnot.

People could add the Event and include things like City, State, Country, County, and things like that. That really helps for searching purposes.

I want to reproduce that feature. I'm going to use a Catalog for that (aka catalogue).

I will create a Field for City, State, and Country.

I'm going to start with Country, and the move to State and City later, once I understand how to do it correctly.

In Composr, I have added City, State, and County. I've also added the Type of Event, and the Date and Time of the Event.

Problem: When selecting or indicating the Country that the Event is held in, I want people to select from a List of known Countries. That way, I can help people avoid typo's, and the search will work best because there is a set and specific list of Countries that can be selected for the Event.

For the index.php?page=cms-catalogues&type=edit_catalogue form, where I can Edit the Catalogue, I have all of the Fields I need, but for Countries, which is where I want people to Only select from a SET of Countries, I'm having an issue.

Field Options: allows me to do this: a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4

That seems to indicate I can do something like this: England=1,China=2,America=3  (Which I have done)

But When Adding a new entry, in the Country Field, I don't have a choice of England, China, or America.

Type: has everything to do with this. I have selected a lot of different type:'s from the list, but it doesn't show me a set/closed list of Countries ( England=1,China=2,America=3 )

It feels like I need to create a list of Countries somewhere else, and then reference them with one of the many "Type:" options.

I'm a bit lost. Any help is much appreciated!

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First, I'd consider using calendar events, which do also support custom fields. That way events can show on a calendar. I don't know what you're requirements are, so maybe that's not appropriate, but I thought I'd mention.

For a list field you need to put the list in Default value like:

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I think I figured it out. "field options" should remain blank, because Field options has nothing to do with the actual selectable content. Default Value is the important field. It contains all of the possible list of selectable items, and they are separated by a | (pipe). Incidentally, here's a list of Countries separated by pipes, for those needing a country list, or a list of countries.
Afghanistan|Akrotiri|Albania|Algeria|American Samoa|Andorra|Angola|Anguilla|Antarctica|Antigua and Barbuda|Argentina|Armenia|Aruba|Ashmore and Cartier Islands|Australia|Austria|Azerbaijan|Bahamas, The|Bahrain|Bangladesh|Barbados|Bassas da India|Belarus|Belgium|Belize|Benin|Bermuda|Bhutan|Bolivia|Bosnia and Herzegovina|Botswana|Bouvet Island|Brazil|British Indian Ocean Territory|British Virgin Islands|Brunei|Bulgaria|Burkina Faso|Burma|Burundi|Cambodia|Cameroon|Canada|Cape Verde|Cayman Islands|Central African Republic|Chad|Chile|China|Christmas Island|Clipperton Island|Cocos (Keeling) Islands|Colombia|Comoros|Congo, Democratic Republic of the|Congo, Republic of the|Cook Islands|Coral Sea Islands|Costa Rica|Cote d'Ivoire|Croatia|Cuba|Cyprus|Czech Republic|Denmark|Dhekelia|Djibouti|Dominica|Dominican Republic|Ecuador|Egypt|El Salvador|Equatorial Guinea|Eritrea|Estonia|Ethiopia|Europa Island|Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)|Faroe Islands|Fiji|Finland|France|French Guiana|French Polynesia|French Southern and Antarctic Lands|Gabon|Gambia, The|Gaza Strip|Georgia|Germany|Ghana|Gibraltar|Glorioso Islands|Greece|Greenland|Grenada|Guadeloupe|Guam|Guatemala|Guernsey|Guinea|Guinea-Bissau|Guyana|Haiti|Heard Island and McDonald Islands|Holy See (Vatican City)|Honduras|Hong Kong|Hungary|Iceland|India|Indonesia|Iran|Iraq|Ireland|Isle of Man|Israel|Italy|Jamaica|Jan Mayen|Japan|Jersey|Jordan|Juan de Nova Island|Kazakhstan|Kenya|Kiribati|Korea, North|Korea, South|Kuwait|Kyrgyzstan|Laos|Latvia|Lebanon|Lesotho|Liberia|Libya|Liechtenstein|Lithuania|Luxembourg|Macau|Macedonia|Madagascar|Malawi|Malaysia|Maldives|Mali|Malta|Marshall Islands|Martinique|Mauritania|Mauritius|Mayotte|Mexico|Micronesia, Federated States of|Moldova|Monaco|Mongolia|Montserrat|Morocco|Mozambique|Namibia|Nauru|Navassa Island|Nepal|Netherlands|Netherlands Antilles|New Caledonia|New Zealand|Nicaragua|Niger|Nigeria|Niue|Norfolk Island|Northern Mariana Islands|Norway|Oman|Pakistan|Palau|Panama|Papua New Guinea|Paracel Islands|Paraguay|Peru|Philippines|Pitcairn Islands|Poland|Portugal|Puerto Rico|Qatar|Reunion|Romania|Russia|Rwanda|Saint Helena|Saint Kitts and Nevis|Saint Lucia|Saint Pierre and Miquelon|Saint Vincent and the Grenadines|Samoa|San Marino|Sao Tome and Principe|Saudi Arabia|Senegal|Serbia and Montenegro|Seychelles|Sierra Leone|Singapore|Slovakia|Slovenia|Solomon Islands|Somalia|South Africa|South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands|Spain|Spratly Islands|Sri Lanka|Sudan|Suriname|Svalbard|Swaziland|Sweden|Switzerland|Syria|Taiwan|Tajikistan|Tanzania|Thailand|Timor-Leste|Togo|Tokelau|Tonga|Trinidad and Tobago|Tromelin Island|Tunisia|Turkey|Turkmenistan|Turks and Caicos Islands|Tuvalu|Uganda|Ukraine|United Arab Emirates|United Kingdom|United States|Uruguay|Uzbekistan|Vanuatu|Venezuela|Vietnam|Virgin Islands|Wake Island|Wallis and Futuna|West Bank|Western Sahara|Yemen|Zambia|Zimbabwe

2.PNG Calendar is absolutely the best place to do this: I changed it over to Calendars.

I'll attach a few screenshots of (1) the Editing of " Choose custom 'Event' fields "

In adding custom fields for the Calendar entry (Add an Entry) I have Country as a Custom Field, and for the Field Options, I've tried the following:
  a=Canada,b=America,c=Germany (and the reverse variation of that)

But once that/those variations have been saved, when Adding an Event, the only option for the custom Country field is N/A in everything I've tried

This feature/functionality is excellent. I think that I'm doing something wrong… but I'm not sure what.

Images are attached.

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