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Shopping cart package which includes membership into one or more Club(s) and may also include a monthly fee for some of the clubs.

The question/conversation is can the point store system be setup to use money ($) by being linked to the shopping cart in the eCommerce module? Or visa versa where a portion of an eCommerce purchase is converted to points in the store to be used to join a club, usergroups, zones, other for all of the ten (10) individual eCommerce products (below) that each need to include membership specific to the product(s) they purchase?

The Products/Services:
Three (3) of the product packages need to have a book shipped or downloaded. Also they need to become a member of one or more club(s)/usergroup(s)/Zone(s). One of these need to also include a monthly fee that they get billed for.  They ALL need to have private communication sessions which i figure is done through private threaded messages.

One (1) other product is priced to be a deal when bundling together as six (6) different items that are also available as individual services that produce report items.  Each of these ten (10) items need to be listed and available individually in the shopping cart to be purchased. Each item also includes a membership into a specific club/usergroup/zone based on each item purchased.

i figure there are several ways to do this but i'm trying to figure out the best design approach using the existing modules which is what i prefer to do. thank you very much for dialoging with me on this particular situation.

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