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In the cns forum's where is the css for the popup window when you hover over the preview button.
note i'm not talking about the button, but the contents of the floating window

I havn't been able to track it down yet
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It's a div with these CSS classes tooltip tooltip_ownlayout boxless_space.

It is a bit hard to debug as you can't use the browsers Inspect tool to click on the tooltip, as it disappears too quickly.
But there is a way. Assuming you are using Windows, there'll be a browser keypress to set the JS Debugger to paused. It may be F8 (that's what is in Firefox for me). I find it hard on a Mac as using function keys is hit and miss, so what I do is I keep the browser console open, hover the mouse, then type debugger; into the console, and press enter. That will also hit pause on the debugger. Once paused, the tooltip can't go away as JS is stopped.
Unfortunately when JS is paused you may not be able to use the browser's inspect tool either, as the browser implements it using JS, lol. But you will find the tooltip is a DIV appended right at the end of the body element (i.e. right near the bottom of the DOM tree). You should be able to mess with the CSS properties to experiment interactively.

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