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Hello, I have been using the $MATCH_KEY_MATCH  many times now to display only certain blocks or images in side panels for specific pages..

This was discussed here:
View topic: have side block appear only for one page - ocPortal.com

and some good examples and info here  ocPortal Tutorial: Customising what's on the menus - ocPortal.com

here is an example i am using that works great to display an image in two wiki areas with ids of 11 and 29;
{+START,IF,{$MATCH_KEY_MATCH,_WILD:wiki:id=11,_WILD:wiki:id=29}} <img src="image.jpg">{+END}

now for a more complicated page ID I can't figure it out and would appreciate tips

for example my link page is

i have tried:




but no luck, thank you very much for ideas



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I think because the URL moniker is being remapped to the numeric ID earlier than the code runs. Try using the ID of the category instead of the japan(…) bit.

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