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Вот есть такой наборчик файлов и называется калькулятор для расчета обев. Прицепится ли он к сайту и каким образом? 
Я понимаю, что выделеная страница должна быть для него. Оригинал: https://bioplast-russia.ru/cena.html

Here is a set of files and called a calculator for calculating the obe. Will he get to the site and how?
I understand that the dedicated page should be for him. Original: https://bioplast-russia.ru/cena.html

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There's no easy way to answer this. It depends how the calculator system is constructed. For example, some systems come with a set of instructions on what HTML to add, and let you customise the base URL where the files should load from.

Or, it may assume that all the files are located under the same base URL as the main page, which would make it very difficult.

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