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I was trying to find a template for the sign up page, but basically I want to simplify the signup process. I was hoping there was a quick register-style block of some sort that would allow users to just enter their name and email address but there isn't one! Where can I look to modify the join module to possibly remove some of the default fields and simplify the process?
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This module uses a shared form field system, so there's no single dedicated template you can edit. It uses shared templates like FORM, FORM_SCREEN_FIELD, FORM_SCREEN_INPUT_LINE.

It is possible to make changes in templates that only apply to certain contexts using the GUID system but that's quite complicated, you need to know Tempcode well.

There are various config options defining what is on the join form, and you can edit any default Custom Profile Fields that may be there.

v11 will have a join block, but we don't currently have a roadmap for v11 release.

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