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Change how the Silktide Cookie Consent notice displays on your website.

If you have enabled this feature (Admin Zone > Configuration > Privacy options > General > Cookie notice) it will be displayed using the default theme (dark-top), but there is also a light version which you can easily switch to. Additionally, both the light and dark versions can be set to display at the top or bottom of your website. There is also the option of a floating side block displaying the Cookie Consent logo which links to the Silktide Cookie Consent website (if you want to give them credit).

1) If you have created a custom or blank theme you can use the inbuilt theme editor to edit the templates/HTML_HEAD.tpl file. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the HTML_HEAD.tpl file into your templates_custom/ directory before opening this file for editing.

2) Find and replace dark-top with one of the available theme options:-


3) Save the file. If you haven't already dismissed the cookie notice (you can use your browser tools to delete the cookie if you have) then you will see the new Cookie Consent theme in action.
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