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ongoing thread of my information to share


Today I spent about 7 hours just working on my site and learned a few things and wanted to share here. I will continue to post my findings on this thread. Cheers


1.  if you have different zones and each has a special theme you may want to check the permissions on that theme, I had to enable each theme for each zone…..  as by default I think they are only seen by admin.

2. be sure to create logo, mobile logo, webclipicon, etc for each zones theme.

3.  If you are a fan of battle star galatica you can replace the LOADING icon with

4.  i modified the gallery slide show for my site , see it on the upper right side of    if anyone is interested in using that modification let me know and i will try and post it in a tidy way.

5.  i wanted to include some images at the bottom of a few wiki
pages so i created a convenient EDIT link in "templates/WIKI_PAGE_SCREEN.tpl"   a demo of this is on the same page  (the robot critter is below the wiki)




ack…  i cant post just raw code for some reason….   here is a link to the code I am trying to post  :'(

6.  Make sure you test the HOME link as in clicking the logo in a new zone, mine went back to the main site page. So just edit the global html and have logo link click to the zone you want.

7. I didnt want my site logo to stretch so I placed it above the main site, I love the way it floats/ looks, see

8. Thank you very much for the REVISIONS option on editing templates, wheew, saved me many times. SO nice!

9.  check out my amusing modified login screen


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