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I have a Composr website that gets about 10 to 20 new members every day. I allowed this gal on the other side of the world to help admin the site. She's awesome and amazing, but the other day she tried to change something on the landing page. It broke the main page, but I fixed it in about an hour. The only thing that was still broken was the Google Maps add-on.  It was pretty scary, but I fixed it. My main concern was that the thousand+ long/lat data was deleted form the database. When we remove an add-on, it should also remove the data associated with it. In this case, when she removed the Google Map add-on, it did not remove the long/lat data from the member records. THANK GOD! Otherwise it would have been a nightmare. So props to temp1024 Chris, and Kamen Blaginov for code that didn't delete the long/lat data from the member record when deleting the Google Maps add-on.

A side note: A member on my site posted this…

I understand this has nothing to do metaphysics but I miss adding my pentacle features on my profile. That's not the only reason. MySpace was a perfect place on the social media where you can add your features,make new friends and be friends with your old ones. They don't even demand authentic names or outrageous community standards.

You're pretty much a visionary. You're right. We need MySpace BACK. It was a revolution in social media, and after Facebook took over, we lost MySpace and our ability to (very much) personalize our space. We need to be able to put pictures on the walls, and music in the air. I totally agree with you. This is something on my list for Witches.Chat because I believe our social presence should be represented in a personal way. Otherwise it's corporate, plastic, and it cookie-cutter sucks. A social site should be formed like clay in our hands, where we can craft our presence into an essence we want to share with the world. When someone goes to our social entity, it should scream I AM HERE, BIT*S! AND THIS IS ME!

It would be pretty awesome to code in the ability for folks to change the header/masthead and background image, and music, for their profile. This is probably an add-on and if anyone else likes this idea for Composr, let me know and maybe we can pitch in financially to pay for a Compose add-on that allows members to personalize their space.

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