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The eCommerce tutorial will detail a few we have available. However if you need one not listed, it'd need to be programmed up by a developer. The system is extendible, but it does need developer skills to do so.

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Have found that in the main PayPal is the easiest to integrate as the code is all written and check boxes in the admin config screens make it easy.  The other thing about PayPal is you can have repeat subscriptions or membership subscription that is automatically renewed. It can be sometimes a bit tricky setting up the PayPal account name to match the site name. ie PayPal account name Chris Cruise Plc Ltd  and the web site name compsr. It is helpful to have the Pay Pal account name similar to the web site so customers can identify that it is not the wrong entity.

We have investigated using other commercial systems and bank systems and the amount of code effort and monthly charges was not worth it.  There are plenty of alternatives around but you need to look at the monthly costs and charges plus the costs of commission on the transactions. Every time we start down this road we come back to Composr. It is not just the initial code development but as add ons are required to complex banking systems there is more code, time and effort.  

Pay Pal are getting more strict on business accounts and require full proof of shareholders and company registration. The banks in some countries are also tightening up on new accounts and e-commerce.
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