HOWTO: Force all members to change their password


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This is a VERY easy tutorial on how you can force all members to have to change their password on the next login to your Composr-powered website.

This tutorial only applies to those running the forum driver "Conversr" (Composr's native forum system) and are using an SQL database such as MySQL. If you are using another forum driver, such as PHPBB, then this tutorial does not apply to you.

All you have to do is access your SQL database of your Composr installation and run the following SQL statement (this statement is syntaxed for MySQL... adjust accordingly):

UPDATE (prefix)_f_members SET m_password_compat_scheme = 'temporary' WHERE id > 1 AND m_password_compat_scheme LIKE ''

where prefix is your database table prefix for Composr. The 'id > 1' makes the SQL ignore the guest user; we don't want to have to force guests to change a nonexisting password. m_password_compat_scheme LIKE '' where condition will also skip any members who have a scheme set. This is in case your members may have authenticated elsewhere, such as the Facebook Connect addon.

This will effectively require all members to change their password upon the next login to your Composr website.

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